Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Vivienne Westwood.
One of my idols
Pulled out all the stops for her winter collection
Mixing and experimenting with, tones, textures, materials
and styles.

Vivienne often works with huge pieces of material.
She wraps them around as a cape, dress of shawl.
The dress has a deep purple side and bronze side to create contrast between the two tones,
Also she has mixed style by adding platform heels to the boho style dress,
And some funky knee high socks.

This is one of my favourite peices,
a very subtle outfit but an eyecatcher.
She has started the trend of blazers in the UK with this blue fitted blazer.
Also the light jeans with the matching denim hat has brought a summer feel,
But always count on Vivienne to spice up the mixture with some platform heels
and funky matching socks.

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  1. geez!
    I ♥ Vivienne, one of the best designers ever!

    I found your blog on facebook ;)
    following now